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Rosella Antonelli is an affirmed Floral Designer who has been successfully contributing to the realization of unforgettable events for over twenty years. Thanks to his long experience he becomes the spokesman of the highest and pure expression of beauty. Today he is a professional with undisputed talent, who makes use of the collaboration of an exceptional team with whom, for years, he designs and creates events, ceremonies and weddings in the most important and suggestive locations in Italy.

Our Vision

What is a Flower Designer

The Flower designer is a professional who through the study and experience develops a project where harmonizing shapes, colors, scents within a space or an event realizes with sartorial creativity the style and the desires for a WOW effect!



Our philosophy

There is no place without harmony where creativity, wisely measured, has not left its mark.
Rosella Antonelli

Contact us

+39 06.30315104 - Laboratorio

+39 335.6670994 - Mobile